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This is the Gaia Pacha’s team which is working in the implementation of the Earthkeepers program in the Santa Cruz state of Bolivia.


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Holds a bachelors’ degree in Environmental Engineering and a master degree of Environmental Sciences at the State University of New York (Syracuse, USA).  Former Fulbright scholar and environmental science professional with experience in formal and non-formal educational processes within rural and urban contexts.  Also capable of making informed decisions through the spatial analysis of anthropogenic intervention in forested land for potential conservation projects, and has field experience in projects for forest conservation to ensure water availability. He is in charge of the Gaia Pacha actions in the state of Santa Cruz as well as the Earthkeepers program.


She holds a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Engineering at the Bolivian Catholic University and has more than 10 years of field experience.  She is a national authority in Monitoring & Evaluation of the Air Quality.  She was part of the nation-wide program Red MONICA to monitor the air quality by using passive and active methods. She also has experience in the design and implementation of air pollution control points for cars and motorcycles.  She is in charge to support the Gaia Pacha projects in Santa Cruz including our Earthkeepers program.


She studied the Education Science career at the Bolivian Catholic University and has a technical degree in Communication and Language for Middle and High School.  She also holds a bachelor’s degree in Education with a minor in Communication, Language, and Literature.  Has extensive experience as high school teacher and writer & editor for some Editorial companies in Bolivia.  She also has experience as a Counselor for the Thorthen Park Summer Camps in Syracuse New York, and Coordinator for a Nutritional Education project at the Nutritional Recovery Center in the Simón I. Patiño Foundation.  She collaborates with all the aspects in the consolidation of the Earthkeepers program in Santa Cruz.


Ana is a senior student of the Environmental Engineering career at the  Aquino Bolivia University (UDABOL), and also a founding member of the civil organization Conciencia Accion Verde (CAV – Green Awareness Action). She has extensive experience and interest in research and education.  She participated in a project of the Gaia Pacha foundation to determine the impact of transgenic crops in the environment and health.  This research took place in the northern area of the department of Santa Cruz.  Now, she is part of the team organizing and impulsing the Earthkeepers program and also conducting her thesis research with this topic.  Her thesis research question is: How does the Earthkeepers program affect students’ environmental actions/behaviors?


Wendy is a student of Environmental Engineering at the Autonomous University Gabriel Rene Moreno and corresponding member of the Scientific Society. She is also learning English at the Centro Boliviano Americano. His desire to preserve the environment and the desire to learn every day have been your engine to achieve its objectives. He is currently coach of the team Earthkeepers program.


Pamela is a graduate of Environmental Engineering and conducted a specialty in Industrial Safety at the Autonomous University Gabriel Rene Moreno. His passion is oriented learning and knowledge of environmental challenges to propose sustainable. It is part of the Earthkeepers program team and seeks to create a positive impact on people for the preservation of the environment.


Luis is a student of eighth semester of Environmental Engineering at the University of Aquino Bolivia city of Santa Cruz. He is very interested in learning more about environmental education processes to communicate and create a significant impact on society.


Ximena is a graduate of Environmental Engineering at the Autonomous University Gabriel Rene Moreno and has a specialization in industrial safety and risk. Together with a group of partners participated in a project in a community in the municipality of Gutierrez (Cordillerra- Santa Cruz province) to teach about the treatment of organic waste (compost and vermiculture). He also has experience in environmental education processes in primary schools through the Eco-School Project II. It is “super excited” to be part of the Earthkeepers program to teach care for our environment.


Luisa has a degree in Tourism with a master’s degree in Ecology and Conservation specializing in Conservation and Management of Biodiversity at the University of San Andrés (UMSA). His thesis was an analysis of anthropogenic fragmentation processes and promoting ecotourism as a tool for assessing ecosystem services in RAMSAR sites. He currently teaches the Environment of the career of Tourism at different universities. Luisa has also worked with primary and university students in different environmental education campaigns promoting service projects. He has extensive experience working as a volunteer in local environmental campaigns.

DANIEL RODRIGUEZ SANCHEZ (Trainer and Researcher)

He finished the Environmental Engineering career at the Aquino University of Bolivia (UDABOL) in the city of Santa Cruz.  He is trainer and member of the Earthkeepers team, at the same time, he is conducting his undergrad thesis with the Gaia Pacha foundation.  His research topic is related to the forecasting of Land Use Change that would affect the protected area Lomas de Arena in the next years.  For this, he is using remote sensing technology and geographic modelling tools.

FERNANDO BALERRAMA SOLIZ (Trainer and Researcher)

He also finished the Environmental Engineering career at UDABIL in Santa Cruz and is member of the Earthkeepers team.  Fernando is conducting his undergrad thesis proposing STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) activities based on the results obtained by the ECQ model which measures the impact of the Earthkeepers program on the ecological concepts of: Energy Flow, Material Cycling, Interrelationships, and Change.


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Information updated in April the 16th of 2017.